Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Training Rig

I wanted to share a photo of my training rig and why I set it up this way.
The setup includes: the overhanging BlankSlate, Metolius rock rings, and Revolution system holds. I also have my iPod touch attached to the crossbar.

I purchased the rock rings back in the day when I first started climbing simply because they were the cheapest fingerboard like device I could find but I've kept them over the years for a lot of reasons. The rock rings are very versatile and can be hung pretty much anywhere. Because the rings hang they move while the climber moves making them friendlier on the joints and works the stabilizing muscles in the shoulders more.

For the last couple of years I have been living in apartments (where there have been hefty fines for altering walls i.e. drilling and nailing) so I have been going to local parks to hang the rock rings and workout. However, when I learned about the BlankSlate I was excited at the possibility of training inside during the winter months. I chose the overhanging BlankSlate so the rock rings could still hang freely and high enough that my knees wouldn't be touching the ground.

You guys know how much I'm a fan of having options when it comes to training. So my rig wouldn't be complete without some system holds. I like the separate system holds compared to a solid fingerboard because I can do offset hangs off of different combinations of holds and distances rather than the same combination every time (i.e. large edge and and small edge.)

With the BlankSlate, the rock rings, and the system holds I can work on: vertical contact strength with the rock rings, vertical and overhanging contact strength with the rings and the system holds, and when I'm in the mood for a real challenge just the overhanging system holds. On my iPod in the "notes" app I have several different hangboard routines and I use the "timer" app to time hangs, rests, and total workout time.
Here are a couple of links to different hangboard routines.
Feel free to post photos of your training rigs!

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